How to link Madang pricing tables with subpages?

Hello,my name is Alex and I am working with Madang template for my online kids meals website.On my home page I am using Madang pricing table. Even I have duplicated it 3 times for 3 age groups I need, changed the content of the 3 tables etc. unfortunately I can only see my first pricing table called ( “sample menus all ages”). My scroll down menu ( Select child age) shows all 3 tables available and I have named them but there is no display on the actual tables on the home page.I have all of the 3 tables content available already as separate subpages ( 6 months, 1 year, 3 years) under my MENU. Is it possible to link them directly to the pricing tables? The only one link I see which works is again on the first pricing table.I have attached screenshots for better understanding.Thank you