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problem with installing the theme

Hello I followed all the steps but in the end the demo data did not load and the site does not display the content as on the demo version. Can you help solve this problem please, otherwise please refund the purchase?

Is it supporting RTL?

Hi, is it supporting rtl? If not do you provide development service to make it support RTL?

How to build a meal plan subscription website?

Presale question – I am building a subscription meal plan site where customers chose their different meals from the options every month, is this possible with this theme and included plugins?

what's the source code

Dears, what's the source code? HTML, JS, CSS?

It does not work, I want a full refund

I've followed all the instructions and have a software engineer trying to help me to install it, but it did not work, I don't want to waste more time with that. Please send me the full refund.

My domain is

Meal plan selection from pricing table

Selecting specific number of meals as specified in the packages in the pricing tables. I have build a pricing table with several packages in it. Each package include: - Its price - Number of meals - Number of persons When customer select one of the packages, they will be redirected to the products page, now i need for that customer to be able to select only a limited number of meals from the the whole list as specified in the packages he firstly selected. For example, if he chose a packaged with 3 meals, he must be able to select only 3 meals from the whole list of such product category. Same thing to be applied for each of the packages. When bought the theme, i understood that this was a theme's feature, now i cannot continue to launch my services and i am blocked. Do you offer any plugins or any development to fulfill this feature? my url: Thanks.

user registration


I want to add user registration icon on main menu, how I can add?

Please send answer to email

Price table in my last option does not change URL

Hello, my case is that after placing 3 types of options in the pricing table with a different URL each of them, the last option of my first table (Table 1 option 3) does not direct to the URL assigned in the administrator, always directs to the domain. What can I do to correct this? Thank you.

Where to find XML demo installation

During the installation of the theme following the instructions I need to load the XMl File into the tools. But I don't have this file

Madang features

Dears Sir

1- I would like to translate the website to Persian language, does the theme support this? if it supports what is the best way?

2- If I renew the support, it includes new development and new complex features for my own website ?