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update madang theme


How can I have a update to madang theme, the last one date 7 January 2022 ?

I have some template htlm code obsolete with woocomerce

Could you help me please ?

I can't find the download link for the template

I paid $100 for the assistance package but I can't find the link or any instructions on where I can download the template

Install Demo Data Error

When I tried to install demo data I got the error message:

Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

I added php_value in the .htaccess;

Installed WooCommerce;

Reinstalled this theme.

Still not working!

Could you help me to fix it, please?

Basket items problem

when I add items to the basket on the demo page to test the theme, I visit the basket and its always empty and no login or sign up page is mentioned

Why can't I see the review on madang's page?

Why can't I see the review on madang's page?


## Report a Bug **What exactly is going wrong?** Installed on a clean site. After activating plugin , the Madang Plugin menu does not show on left side. Also, all each page I am seeing Missing Widget (madang banner widget). etc Error: The widget madang_products_widget is not available. Please try locate and install the missing plugin. Post on the support forums if you need help. **Can you provide a link to your product?** **Please describe a step by step guide to reproduce the issue** Delete plugin, reupload , and reinstall plugin. **Please list all customizations, custom plugins and software components installed** Any additional product modification can affect its functionality. Please provide a list of all customizations, mainly, related to the code. Include list of custom plugins and/or software components installed. None. Clean site

Review Woocommerce

Is there a way to activate reviews in Woocommerce with this theme?

Banner images

Do you have the banner images in raw format so i can edit them?

Where to find XML demo installation

During the installation of the theme following the instructions I need to load the XMl File into the tools. But I don't have this file

settings for mobile header

having trouble with headers for mobile:

  1. home page header (screenshot 2) white box covering header on mobile view
  2. page headers for mobile view is partial view instead of across top, also white box (screenshot 3)

Where to find settings?