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How do i activate the theme with the license key?

During the setup wizard, i didn't get a place to enter the license key. How do I activate the theme using the key?

Can't activate the theme

I followed the setup wizard, but it didn't ask for activation code. Need to activate the plugin and install demo data. Need the assistance please

update madang theme


How can I have a update to madang theme, the last one date 7 January 2022 ?

I have some template htlm code obsolete with woocomerce

Could you help me please ?

I can't find the download link for the template

I paid $100 for the assistance package but I can't find the link or any instructions on where I can download the template

Install Demo Data Error

When I tried to install demo data I got the error message:

Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

I added php_value in the .htaccess;

Installed WooCommerce;

Reinstalled this theme.

Still not working!

Could you help me to fix it, please?

Basket items problem

when I add items to the basket on the demo page to test the theme, I visit the basket and its always empty and no login or sign up page is mentioned

Why can't I see the review on madang's page?

Why can't I see the review on madang's page?


## Report a Bug **What exactly is going wrong?** Installed on a clean site. After activating plugin , the Madang Plugin menu does not show on left side. Also, all each page I am seeing Missing Widget (madang banner widget). etc Error: The widget madang_products_widget is not available. Please try locate and install the missing plugin. Post on the support forums if you need help. **Can you provide a link to your product?** **Please describe a step by step guide to reproduce the issue** Delete plugin, reupload , and reinstall plugin. **Please list all customizations, custom plugins and software components installed** Any additional product modification can affect its functionality. Please provide a list of all customizations, mainly, related to the code. Include list of custom plugins and/or software components installed. None. Clean site

Review Woocommerce

Is there a way to activate reviews in Woocommerce with this theme?

Banner images

Do you have the banner images in raw format so i can edit them?