Listing Your WordPress Theme – Getting Started

You can sell your mobile and web applications, WordPress, Drupal, Shopify themes or plugins on Kenzap marketplace, get additional promotion and receive access to exclusive Kenzap community offers. We made some notes below in order to clarify important aspects of our platform and help you made final decision regarding joining Kenzap.


Before you start considering joining Kenzap have a look at these general requirements:

  • It is recommended that your theme relies on Gutenberg editor.
  • Your theme should match with micro niche requirements.
  • Multi purpose themes are likely to get rejected.
  • You should follow latest design trends.
  • You should focus on custom feature and functionality implementation for the niche you choose.

Why Kenzap

Kenzap is not just a marketplace. It is a community of likeminded people, an epicenter of entrepreneurial lifestyle and a tool that helps you become more successful online.

When you create your Kenzap listing it is spread to other partnering portals online, translated into multiple languages, localized in various countries across the globe and gets chance to be promoted on YouTube.

Kenzap provides more freedom in a way how you may charge your clients, develop and license products.

Functionality over Design

Design plays an utmost importance in the way how websites interact with their visitors. Web design is a science that set rules to our modern world. It is highly important to follow these rules in order to stay on top of the world trends.

However one important thing many designers tend to avoid is functionality. Functionality should match business’, organizations’ or individuals’ unique requirements.

The best way to understand these requirement is to talk to industry leaders, check how existing web solutions look like and research existing problems in order to find room for improvements.

The reason why we stress this too much is because functionality along with great design result in more sales. You need to spend a bit more time on micro niche research in order to generate more sales and clients in future.

While some niches are easier to implement others require more complex structure. For this case you can post your custom web app under and become part of additional monetization model. For more questions reach us at:

1. Activate Developer Profile

In order to get access to Kenzap Developer Account and fill in your talent/developer application.

Make sure to complete these sections:

  • Profile – Avatar, First Name, Last name
  • Bio – Bio, About
  • Contacts – WhatsApp, Email
  • Listing – Provide title for your first service listing

After your profile is successfully filled in it will be publicly available under Kenzap pages.

2. Create WordPress Listing

You will be automatically redirected to listing editing page after profile application is completed.

In order to start review process and publish your listing to the marketplace you need to provide the following information:

  • Category – used by marketplace to find your listing.
  • Subcategory – improves user navigation .
  • Title – is shown whenever your service is listed or searched.
  • Short Description – used by search engines to preview your service outside marketplace.
  • Long Description – previewed under main listing page.
  • Images – describe service visually.
  • Price Packages – used to differentiate price offers.

2.1. Define Features & Price Packages

WordPress Theme Listing Example

Every listing must specify features. Features are used for price variations. For example, the listing as shown above defines the following features:

  • Free Forum Support
  • Free Updates (6 months)
  • Kenzap Cloud (6 months)
  • All Device Responsive
  • Bug Fixing

If you define two price packages, for example:

  • Startup Package
  • Pro Package

You can include “Free Forum Support” feature for both of these packages while “Demo Content Installation” can be only included under Pro Package.

2.2. Upload Images

Uploading listing images on Kenzap

Regardless the item you publish on Kenzap images are one of the best ways to describe your listings. Consider providing good quality graphics that exclusively describe your service.

2.3. Create FAQ Section (optional)

When your listing gets more traction you may experience more questions from potential customers. Unfortunately sometimes it is not enough to describe everything under description section as some customers may not read it completely.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section is a good workaround here as it provides on the fly preview of most popular questions in one place. Consider filling up this section in order to help your potential customer get answers to questions before they even try to reach you.

2.4. Publish Listing

Once your listing is completed it is placed in Draft mode. Change listing status from Draft to Publish and hit on Save Changes button to start review process.

Our review team will verify your listing and provide feedback where applicable.