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I need to know

Hi, I would like to know if I can create a site and sell tickets for free using kenzap cloud, or do I have to pay a fee or extra cost? there is not much information about it and I would like to create an event. 

How can I fix QR code scanning error

When i scan QR CODE i get :

Error;Value at order_meta of type org.json.JSONArray cannot be converted to JSONOSBject

How can i fix it.

Can not connect to Kenzap Cloud

Hello, I can't access kenzap cloud please help me with this message:Can not connect to Kenzap Cloud

Hosting website from cloud, payment gateway and price

good day,

1st - I like your myticket cloud software and i would like to know if i will be able to link custom payment gateways like we would with woocommerce, i.e where i am from we use mobile money way more than we use banks for online transactions

2nd - I then need to know how to host the website on a custom domain.

3rd - how much will it cost

Cannot go Kenzap Dashboard

Hello, cannot go to Kenzap Dashboard already 2 days, any browsers and internet. When i go to the *** loader it hangs indefinitely.

Gmail calendar integration

I need to integrate my gmail calendar with the theme & no luck. I have purchased the theme & now facing this issue with client bookings. What to do?

Monthly Fare Of Cloud

Hello I have seen that you give 6 months free of kenzap cloud if we buy the ticketing wordpress theme. But what about the pricing after that 6 months for cloud usage?

Thank you


The Demo Import noch works. Widgets will be not able to import


we just have buyed your theme Madang, but the Import of the Demo Content not works for 100%. The Widget will not be able to import. Could you help please, that everything works?

Best regards


Pre sales question

Hello Team,

Is your team fulfill the below requirement?

1. Customers can view all events with filters like location, author, and event date

2. Detail view of the event

3. Book a ticket with seat selection

4. Organizer can sell tickets with custom seat setting

5. Admin can manage events, users, and tickets

6. All other pages like login, register, profile, contact us, and about us.