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I build lists of companies and contacts using platforms that allow getting B2B and B2C Leads. I am a lead generator and expert to collect 100% valid Email Address of any kind of Business. Below are the services I offer for web research and data entry:

  • Copy & Pasting
  • Manual Typing
  • Manual Sending Of email
  • Internet/Web Research
  • Data Mining
  • Email Cleaning
  • Linkedin Research
  • Phone Number Lookup
  • Data Entry
  • B2B Lead Collection ( Company Name, Contact Name, Title, Email, and any other details might be required)
  • Email Research(Personal or Corporate)   
  • Pdf to Excel
  • CRM input                                                                            
  • Contact Research
  • Email Address Verification
  • Anything related to web research and data entry

Every contact information is verified and emails are validated manually to make sure you never experience a low-deliverability issue, I'll provide you with valid emails only, so your email trust score won't get dropped due to the high volume of invalid emails sent.