A fully digitalised cloud-based system that provides an end-to-end customer journey during their ATA Carnet application process, focusing mainly on process redesign, automation and data management, whilst ensuring the system’s security, performance and compliance with the latest regulations altogether.

Our SaaS solution streamlines the process of digitally applying for Carnets, ensuring companies provide accurate information. It is designed for user-friendliness, making form-filling smarter and more efficient while still allowing for the creation of multi-page, multi-colored Carnets.

The solution seamlessly interfaces with ICC Paris' carnet system, providing an intuitive electronic application process divided into three key steps:

Application: The E-ATA Carnet application offers auto-prompts to minimize discrepancies and accelerate the entire process.

Verification: Prior to generating the final ATA Carnet, it is essential to collect payment from the applicant and review the submitted application. Once verified, the SICC agent can send the invoice via email for payment or update the applicant directly through their E-ATA Carnet application.

ATA Carnet: Applicants can conveniently download and print the ATA Carnet in PDF format for their intended purposes.

Our solution intelligently guides user input, enhancing completion and accuracy rates with clear, intuitive prompts that, wherever possible, populate from historical data to minimise form-filling errors.

Developed by KENZAP PTE LTD in Singapore, this solution is implemented for SICC under the IMDA grant.

Key achievements of our solution include:

  • Saving 6 hours of an applicant's commute time for each Carnet application.
  • Reducing the applicant's application time by 2 days per Carnet.
  • Saving 23 A4 pages per Carnet application.
  • Reducing Carnet application errors by 2.5 times.
  • Saving 8 hours of SICC Agent's time for processing each Carnet application.
  • Improving overall customer satisfaction levels.

Feel free to reach the CTO of this product Pavel Lukasenko for consultation or to request additional documentation.