How to make a QR Menu for your restaurant or cafe?

The touchless menu QR code or the digital menu QR code has become the next big thing infiltrating restaurants and bar industries worldwide. Is the trend worth it and how do you join?

The emergence of “no-touch” menus through scanning QR codes is widespread in the restaurants and bars industry in the global arena. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant owners have opted to go digital to ensure customers’ safety as they get back to their operations.  

Now that bars and restaurants have resumed after the lockdown, major changes in the usual operations have also changed. 

One way restaurants and bars are safely reopening is transforming their menus contactless to mitigate virus spread that goes through multiple hand menu exchanges that can potentially cross-contaminate.

Even with the ease of dining restrictions currently, contactless menus can be an excellent investment for your business. By moving to digital menus, you won’t have to replace damaged physical menus. When your menu changes, you can also easily update your digital menu. This easy edit allows you to save money and time since you won’t have to pay for new menus or wait for them to arrive.

How does a digital menu help to grow business?

A digital menu allows you to streamline your ordering system to make it more efficient and effective in serving customers. Beyond instantly updating the menu and items that are sold out, you can integrate various discounts and happy hour promotions to appeal to a larger group of audience. Therefore, it helps to grow your establishment both online and in stores.

Are contactless QR Menus cost effective?

By replacing traditional menus with contactless QR Code menus, you eliminate the cost of printing new menus every time there are new changes in prices or dishes. Additionally, contactless menus reduce the need for additional maintenance of hygiene and germs within your restaurant. Over time, these savings add up and thus makes QR Menus cost effective?

How to make a digital menu attractive for customers?

There are many ways to attract customers with contactless digital menus. Other than design concepts, including 1-for-1 promotions or student discounts is able to pull in a larger segment of people to your restaurant. Having digital menus uploaded on your facebook page or restaurant website also makes it easier for people to see what you offer before coming down.

Making your own QR Code has never been more easier:

Step 1: Download the Contactless Menu app on the Google Play Store

The Contactless Menu app has been designed specifically to not only make menus more cohesive, but also ordering from the app more cohesive for your customer and yourself. Just search up ‘Contactless Menu’ on the Google Play Store or click here .

Step 2: Set up Dashboard

Explore the features on the dashboard to upload menu items, headings and prices. You can even set up features such as manual ordering or online ordering. To get the in depth details, there is a FAQ page you can consult.

Step 3: Final Touches and launch

Once you have set up the QR Menu for your dining establishment, you can launch it after a test order. Once everything is running smoothly, you are done!

Want to know more about QR ordering systems? Check out Kenzap’s new Contactless Menu system launched, with the app downloadable for free from the app store.