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My name is Pavel Lukasenko and I am a CTO at Kenzap. I started my professional career as a software engineer immediately after graduating from Technical University in Riga with distinction.

Throughout my career I've been involved in various projects requiring me to find and implement tech solutions in one of the following domains:

  • Industrial Automation, PLC programming.
  • Robotics, PCB assembly.
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Linux administration, server setup.
  • Database architecture, optimization.
  • Backend API and frontend development.
  • Video streaming.
  • Microservices, Kubernetes.
  • Cloud e-commerce architecture.

I have built Kenzap with the main goal to help businesses and startups to reach their goals faster and more efficiently

My diverse technical experience is highly valuable on the market today especially among the businesses that lack some specific set of IT skills related to what is mentioned above.

This listing is open to anyone who is in need to:

  • Receive basic IT consultation.
  • Optimize, migrate existing IT infrastructure.
  • Create scalable microservice architecture.
  • Hybrid application implementation related to robotics, automation, mobile application.
  • Cloud architecture development.

I am open to jump on a call in Google Meets, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams to discuss technical problems. Please do not purchase this package before we arrange all the details.

The result of my consultation can be provided in different formats such as a presentation or a brief PDF report with infographics. You can check this example I made to one of the biggest startups in Indonesia (some information is confidential and is not disclosed).