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Get all your design needs with three simple startup packages. Starting from logo design ending with corporate identity branding.

Each package consists of multiple bundled services. The terminology of each service can be found below.

Logo design contest.
We will run a logo design contest with our pool of talents, and allow you to pick your talent that came up with the design that is closest to your desired branding identity.

Design System & Branding Strategist.
Includes a set of interconnected patterns and shared practices coherently organized into a unified design system similarly as Asphalt (Go-jek) or Carbon (IBM). Design system is the very first thing every starting company has to consider before designing anything else. Only with a proper design system a company can efficiently build successful UI/UX and effectively communicate with its target audience.

Deck design.
Deck template design suitable for corporate and business presentations or sales.

Graphic design & Merchandise.
We will manage and design 2 of your selected collaterals, whichever that is closer to your business needs.

  • Choose 2 of the following:
  • Banner
  • Leaflet
  • Booklet
  • Brochure
  • Business Cards
  • T-shirt
  • Bag
  • Hat
  • Cup
  • Pen
  • Sticker

Social Media Concept Designs.
Promotional artworks on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

  • 8 x artworks (for the first month only)
  • Instagram moodboard
  • Social media header design (Up to 2 headers)

Documentation design.
Proper documentation design plays significant role in corporate identity branding. For this purpose some of the packages cover design guideline creation related to:

  • Offline documentation design.
  • PDF Printouts.
  • Office badges.
  • Corporate letter design.
  • Word header.

Website Design.
A fully functional business website with design and development backed by the latest technology WordPress content editing system. Includes:

  • Up to 10 pages.
  • Custom navigation menu.
  • High resolution screen logo and graphics.
  • Fully responsive.
  • 3 month technical support.
  • 6 month hosting in Singapore.

Kenzap Project Management & Consultancy Services.
As each service package can be delivered by a different Kenzap talent, we assign additional project manager that helps execute, communicate and control the whole process from the very beginning till the end when the project is completely finalized.

  • Understanding the client’s business needs.
  • Step-by-step recommendations solutions implementation.
  • Operational activities of the project to ensure the talents are meeting the project deadline.
  • Consultation and advisory services to the client to ensure optimal solutions are implemented to grow and sustain the business.

Please feel free to ask any question before placing an order.