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 A good brand identity is more than just a well designed logo and tagline. It dictates the consistent communication about your story with your audience and builds a genuine relationship of trust and loyalty. Which is why my visual branding process is designed to not only create a beautiful, visually appealing identity, but also help you authentically connect with your customers and impart a sense of professionalism to show a commitment to quality without saying a single word.

01. Research & Discovery: 
This step is crucial in understanding your vision. I’ll collect information from you about your brand and complete my Branding Questionnaire, which will entail multiple followup meetings to gather information on your USPs, demographic and competition survey, brand philosophy, etc. Getting clear on the goals, brand strategy, and route to market in a round table session is a solid foundation for any project, which is why I place so much value on these sessions. Towards the end of the session, once the business side of things is taken care of, we look over visual styles. This would help me to identify what type of brand identity might work for you, as well as what won’t. At the end of this phase, I’ll curate an inspiration mood board with a creative brief summarising the direction we’re headed towards along with visual representations of the concept.

02. Logo Development :
After completing the research and establishing a direction with you, I’ll start conceptualising and designing 2 to 3 Logo Concepts for you. The idea would be to develop a logo that is easily recognisable, legible, true to your brands personality and unique. This process is time consuming and very subjective to your needs and constitutes of rounds of revisions. 

Each Logo Concept will consist of the following:

1. Logo Suit : Primary logo, Horizontal version, Visual brand mark and 2 to 3 iterations / variations

2. Each Logo suit will be in 2-3 colour variations

3. Each Logo concept will be applied to mock up products to test out it would work in the real world.

03. Visual Identity System:
After finalising on a brand concept and a logo suit, the next stage would involve developing a visual identity to give a cohesive look and feel to brand. This stage can be divided into three parts

1. Colour Palette : Specifications for the colour in your logo plus a secondary palette that falls in harmony and coordinates with the original base palette. CMYK, RGB, PANTONE, and Hexidecimal codes for every colour will be provided

2. Typograophy : A system of 2 to 3 brand type face that go well together will be selected for title, subtitles, body, caption etc. Directions will be provided on how to use them

3. Graphic Elements : 3 to 5 Custom illustrative motifs or design elements derived in accordance with the logo,  and 3 to 5 custom patterns  will be developed to flesh out the brands visual theme. These will be applied to a few mock applications to illustrate how they can be used.

04. Editorial Identity System: 
2 to 3 Creative Tag-lines, short brand vision/philosophy Message along with a write-up on the story you wish to convey.

05. Brand Collateral
Each deliverables you select from the list mentioned below will be applied to mockups to see how they would look in the real world

Visiting cards

Letter head

Envelope and Note card

Gift Card


Tags (label, size, wash care)

Packaging wrapper

Packaging carry bag

Promotional Posters

Instagram Posts / story templates ( coming soon, sale, etc.) Website Banner

Editorial style Lookbook Brochure

Brand Style Guide: A brand guideline is a multi page manual that helps your business’s employees and contractors to understand the elements that make up your brand’s identity. It can be thought of as a list of all the attributes that make your brand unique and how to employ those attributes across your website and through print design. It includes us- age rules and specs for the logo, color palette, typography, graphic elements, messaging, etc

Important Note: These images are for viewing purposes only. They are owned by my clients but I designed them myself. Kindly contact me if you want to see more of my samples.