Process Automation

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Process Automation

By the term process automation Kenzap refers to the use of different control systems and electronic devices that partly or completely replaces manpower in order to achieve higher quality, accuracy, precision and speed. Kenzap can consult and help you design your project that needs something more that just a corporate software or server infrastructure deployment. With the help of latest technologies and PCB design almost any process can be automated and optimized.

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PCB design

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board which contains an electrical scheme designed to interconnect electronic components, like sensors, microprocessors, capacitors and others on one board together. PCB is like a heart and a brain at a time in almost any electronic device. PCBs are everywhere: in televisions, printers, navigation systems, cameras, laptops, stabilization systems and even some thermometers. Kenzap can develop a PCB board and design every phase of your automation project starting from its very heart.


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