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Circumstance? Fate?

Hmm, maybe?

Hi, my name is Paulita from the Philippines, an Administrative Assistant for more than five years now who has ventured to freelancing as part time. What I know is that you came to Kenzap with a need and/or a problem that needs to be solved. And I know you're pretty tired going through countless freelancers' profiles, well I'm sure most of them are okay. But here you are, still searching.

Let me make it quick and short-HIRE ME.

Let me take the load off your plate. Trust me and I'll perform and deliver your needs. wink ;)
Here are some of my expertise:

-Administrative Support
-Customer Service
-Email Handling/Management
-Data Entry
-Web Research
-Product Research

Still think this is just a random circumstance?

Let's chat and be partners :)

Best wishes.