This solution was originally developed for a metal processing factory with the primary goal of automating both business and factory processes.

The factory specialises in producing a wide range of construction and decoration elements from metal, including but not limited to window sills, metal lids, roofing panels, stovepipes, ventilation components, and more.

One of the daily complexities faced by the factory is efficiently handling new orders from clients. Given the nature of the business, most ordered elements are unique in terms of size, color, and coating.

Furthermore, the factory's management traditionally processes orders on paper in collaboration with clients, often by creating hand-drawn sketches of the intended manufacturing details.

This manual process is not only laborious but also presents its own set of challenges. Hand-written sketches are prone to errors and lack standardisation.

Digitising these sketches, in turn, becomes a time-consuming task that requires additional CAD engineering hours.

The 3D Factory Cloud solution has been purposefully designed to address these issues.


The solution comprises several modules that enable its functionality:

  • Element Classification and Grouping: This module categorizes and groups elements efficiently.
  • Element-Specific Formula Declaration: Users can declare specific formulas for individual elements that are used for price calculation.
  • Element 2D and 3D CAD Sketch Creation: The software facilitates the creation of 2D and 3D CAD sketches for elements.
  • Linking Formulas with Sketch Elements: It provides the capability to link formulated data with corresponding sketch elements.
Operational within the Kenzap Cloud environment, this software offers seamless integration with other CRMs via open APIs or the initiation of webhooks to transmit data when specific system events occur.

As a result, the software serves both end-consumers and factory management effectively.

The solution enables convenient grouped and categorized element searches, along with the ability to visualize elements in 2D and 3D before actual manufacturing.

Users can input custom sizes directly via their mobile or desktop browsers, generating a live preview and product renders. Furthermore, it supports touch-based rotations and zooming for enhanced interactivity.

This approach offers several key advantages. It provides a deeper insight into the manufactured product, enhances transparency, performs real-time calculations for metal consumption and pricing, and offers pixel-perfect previews.

You can experience this solution in action by visiting:

This methodology can be adapted to various use cases across different industries, such as automotive, interior design, manufacturing, and more.

CNC Integrated

The factory is able to capture new orders and upon approval send programmatically modified 2D sketching to the factory-connected CNC machines.


As the demand for remote ordering systems grows along with the tech-savviness of consumers it is the right time to create an additional competitive advantage for your business.

Feel free to contact Kenzap for consultation or try the solution yourself.