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This solution is originally developed for a metal processing factory with the main purpose to automate business and factory processes.

The factory produces construction and decoration elements from metal, this includes but is not limited to window sills, metal lids, roofing panels, stovepipe pipes, ventilation elements, etc.

One of the complexities that a factory faces every day is processing new orders from clients. Due to the nature of the business, most of the ordered elements are unique in size, colour and coating.

In addition to this, the factory management processes orders on paper together with clients, by drawing a sketch of the to-be-manufactured element.

Such a process is tedious and comes with its own challenges. Hand-written sketches are error-prone and lack standardisation.

Sketch digitalisation in return is a time-consuming process involving additional CAD engineering hours.

3D Factory cloud solution is specifically designed to solve these problems.


The solution consists of multiple modules that make it operational:
Element classification and grouping.
Element-specific formula declaration.
Element 2D and 3D CAD software sketch creation.
Linking formula with the sketch element.

As the software operates in Kenzap Cloud it is easy to integrate it with other CRM by the means of open API or initiate webhooks to pass the data upon the occurrence of system events.

As a result, the software can operate for both parties the end-consumer and the factory management.

The solution allows grouped and categorised element searches with the ability to visualise elements in 2D and 3D before the actual manufacturing.

By entering custom sizes directly via the browser of a mobile or desktop device one can see a live preview and renders of the product.

Touch rotations and zooming are also possible.

Such an approach gives a better understanding of a manufactured product, is more transparent, calculates metal consumption and price on the fly, and allows pixel-perfect preview.

It is possible to view this solution in life here: https://skarda.design/ 

A similar approach can be applied to use cases coming from different industries, for example, automotive, interior design, manufacturing, etc.


The factory is able to capture new orders and upon approval send programmatically modified 2D sketching to the factory-connected CNC machines.


As the demand for remote ordering systems grows along with the tech-savviness of consumers it is the right time to create an additional competitive advantage for your business.

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