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    I upgraded to this version. I could view the PDF after checkout via the Download button on Thank You page but I can’t find the PDF under wp-content/uploads/tickets. And also the filename of the PDF is always mpdf.pdf not based on the order ID. However, the codes in your new ticket template under mytickets-events/*.* indicated otherwise.

    $order                          = new WC_Order( $order_id );
    $uploads                        = wp_get_upload_dir();
    $ticketDir                      = $uploads['basedir']."/tickets";
    $file                           = $ticketDir."/".$order_id.".pdf";


    We are actually not storing them. Tickets is generated each time it is called by a method. Sometimes they might be cached, example, example email failure etc.

    Can you please clarify what your final goal is?



    I actually like the way how you coded and managed the PDF tickets in the previous version where each ticket is stored in the server and named based on the order number (this helps to retrieve the ticket easily). I think that is best for most site owners since they might need to refer back to the PDF tickets conveniently or even reprint the PDFs.

    Furthermore it was using a rather popular third party plugin which is WooCommerce PDF Invoices and with that I could access adequate tech support online. This gives me leverage in looking for tech help and also in customizing the PDF design. But since you have extensively modified the PDF generating aspect of your latest theme, I find that the current version may not be as robust as the previous version. For instance, I have trouble customizing the PDF templates now since there is lack of documentation.

    Perhaps you can share why you chose to deprecate WooCommerce PDF Invoices.



    Whenever you need a ticket you can access it from your orders section. In the right box for general ticket. In the bottom part each ticket individually.

    WooCommerce PDF Invoices uses same PDF generation library as myticket-events plugin though we use the latest version. So in terms of robustness it should be the opposite. According to our clients requirement we need more flexibility with ticket generation, customization and support of multi locale environment. These were the main reasons why we switched to myticket-events plugin. With our solution you can have multiple and differently designed tickets per one checkout order.



    You mean here, https://nimb.ws/k8M0ea ? Yes, I know about here. I was just hoping that the site owner could easily retrieve a PDF ticket without having to enter into a user’s account and generate the ticket. It’s alright then. I can live with this.

    Nonetheless, I tested the above (logged in and with no combined tickets set) and when I clicked on PDF button, it browser keeps loading and loadin and finally says “The page isn’t redirecting properly” the below. Do you experience the same prob? Is this button for combined tickets only?

    Also, what about the case when the customer doesn’t create an account when ordering (this is an option WooCommerce offers). How could the site owner or the customer regenerate the ticket (in case it was lost).

    And I agree when you said “With our solution you can have multiple and differently designed tickets per one checkout order.” This is something useful for us too. But how do we customize the tickets for each order? I can refer to mPDF site on the designing aspect (HTML/CSS) but how is your code structure like? How do I map each ticket template to each order? All i know now is all tickets files and folders are under the wp-content\plugins\myticket-events\templates\

    Just to share, we actually already customized our tickets from your previous theme version using WooCommerce PDF Invoices but now we have to redo it again.



    Ok, here’s a new issue. I’m using your latest myticket theme and myticket plugin from themes.kenzap.com/myticket and mytickets-events plugin from the other ticket.

    I’m logged in and went to My Account -> Orders -> View and see this, https://prnt.sc/ottvdl

    Should I open this as a new ticket or continue from here?



    Could we at least have order number in each ticket filename. Now all the tickets (combined or individual) are named “mpdf.pdf” or “mpdf-1.pdf”



    And new tests indicated that the ticket PDF that came in the email is always a combined ticket (one single PDF). I didn’t enable combined ticket cos I always prefer separated tickets in different PDFs. See https://nimb.ws/zf2PwX

    And for the individual tickets that I could download manually from the thank you page, the design is rather bizarre – with only one QR code with a light blue background. I think most of your clients prefer a format just like the combined ticket – with QR on the left and total items and prices in the table below.




    Paldies, this helps a lot!

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