Price range widget issue

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    The fix will be provided within next two business days.



    Update theme from this source:
    Update myticket event plugin from this source:

    Create Gutenberg page > Add MyTicket Listing 1 block as shown on the image below. Old widget will not be used any longer.



    Hi Pavel,

    Again, I’d REALLY appreciate a more thorough explanation. Are you saying….

    -We should TOTALLY abandon the entire Event Search page and its structure as stated above and redo an entire new page using “Gutenberg page > Add MyTicket Listing 1 block?”
    -FYI, The current search results page is a WordPress page called Event Search that is built using SiteOrigin page builder and its widget. See
    -The actual widget that filters the price is under Widget shown here ->



    I used my assumptions and here’s what I got. See

    -How to center the search bar?
    -I set to Popularity as sorting default but it keeps showing Closest.
    -Why are there 2 category filters? How are they different?
    -And one peculiar thing, how the Closest sorting works? Based on IP? Do I need to enter GPS coordinates in each event for this sorting to work?



    We will update you within next two business days regarding this matter. Need more time to process your request. Sorry for the inconvenience provided.



    I would recommend you opening this page: and click on free demo to see what settings are used for this page.

    Regarding the Closest its actually means Newest, Latest records added to the WooCommerce database. So it has nothing to do with the GPS.



    I’d appreciate if you correct this “Closest” issue in your next version.



    You can do this yourself as well. Use Loco Translate Plugin to change string name. They are stored under myticket.. pot files.



    Yup, I know. I was just suggesting 🙂



    Where’s the location of the translation file? Is it under the theme or plugin? I checked under the myticket theme and myticket-events plugin and the plugin has no translation file and i can’t find “Closest” text in the theme’s file. I’m using Loco



    Should be under myticket-events plugin. Try hitting sync button. It should load missing strings or just add Closest manually.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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