How to map the seat number in the seat layout for an event?

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    Regarding the seat layout feature, how do we actually map each seat on the layout to the WooCommerce product? I dont see any config that I could set here, except for mapping the block/page to a specific product ID. How we assign the seats in the product? As variations?



    All seats are mapped to one WooCommerce product you can not assign individual products or its variations to each seat.



    So do I use a simple product or a variable product to map to the seat layout? And I wanted to test and see your demo but the UI has an error in selecting the seats.



    And btw, I could select the same seat twice in two different orders. How do I stop that?



    What kind of error, can you please provide a more detailed example?

    Try using this version of the plugin:



    Ok, these are the flows from my most recent testings.

    -Use Firefox (ver 67.0.4)
    -Select an event with seat layout
    -Select seat #1 in seat layout
    -Checkout and placed order
    -No problem. Got the ticket in PDF
    -Return to seat layout
    -Reselect the same seat #1 and it works. I could reselect the seat. Even after refresh. This happens all the time

    So, 5 seconds later,
    -Open Chrome Incognito (ver 76.0.X)
    -Enter the same event with seat layout
    -Trying to select seat #1 again. But if I waited long enough I can’t select it. It seems like seat #1 is only marked Sold Out (in light blue) after like 10 seconds of waiting.
    -If I refresh the event again, the seat #1 will still be marked unavailable. But if I close browser and reopen a new incognito window, the same error happens again. I could select seat #1 but if I wait long enough, seat #1 suddenly will change to blue (Sold Out) and can’t be selected.

    Summary: Someone who bought a seat could buy the same seat again under the same browser. And I think the loading of the data to indicate unavailable seat is too slow.

    And on Firefox I occasionally get blank screen when I was trying to select a seat ->



    Refresh can not be done in real time though the interval can be reduced. It may produce additional loading on your website. Can you please confirm that after selecting same seat over different browsers you can proceed to checkout page?



    In diff browsers, I cannot select the same seat so I cannot proceed to checkout. But I can select other seats and go to checkout. And after checkout, I could still press Back a few times and return to the product page, press Refresh and reselect the same seat.

    Here’s a screencast,

    Here’re the other issues that you can observe in the video,
    -The UI interface that I see is different than the ones you showed at It looks like it has not been completely developed. The selected seats are on top right corner instead of in the middle of somewhere more appropriate.
    -I need to click X after I select a seat. I feel this is odd. Instead there should be a button saying “Finish Selecting Seats” at the bottom center that returns customer to the event/product page.
    -After I clicked Add to Cart, there’s a long pause like 5 secs. Can you make this faster?
    -And after clicking the Add to Cart, I was actually redirected back to the same product page for a quick moment and then only got redirected to the checkout page. This feels odd, it should go directly to checkout.



    Any updates on this?



    If you click on free demo: and try purchasing ticket here. Do you experience same behavior?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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