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    Check with other theme do you have same behavior. It might be a woocommerce limitation.



    Hmmm, i don’t think so. I switched to the default theme and the bullet points appear, https://nimb.ws/x40VoD

    I tried putting in custom CSS with your theme but didn’t work. The points are still missing.



    Please include link to the page with bullets.



    This is with twenty seventeen theme, https://nimb.ws/bCnc7u

    This is storefront, https://nimb.ws/Wu2MdU

    I dont have a live demo site. You can just test it in your test site.



    We need a link in order to understand what plugins or other CSS modifications performed on your side.

    Can you please explain where exactly you post the bullets to. Is it Short product description or something else?



    It’s normal description not short. See https://nimb.ws/75MH8z

    By default, your theme hides it. To enable their display, add the CSS below (someone in your forum taught me this). If I remove ALL custom CSS and leave the below and still the bullets aren’t there.

    .woocommerce-tabs {
    display: block;



    We will update you within next two business days regarding this matter. Need more time to process your request. Sorry for the inconvenience provided.



    Please provide an update regarding this issue.



    I thought you never asked. I still have this problem. I tried over the weekend to use all sorts of CSS at different elements in the Custom CSS section and nothing works. list-type, list-type-style, etc.



    After latest update we have provided to you it works on our side. Might be something wrong with stylings on your side. Also try clearing you browsers cache.



    Did you try putting bullets in the product description (not short desc). We need to show terms and conditions which is rather lengthy so we can’t use short product desc section.



    Under Customizer > Custom CSS you can out this code:

    .woocommerce-tabs{display: block;}
    .woocommerce-Tabs-panel ul{
        list-style: disc;
        line-height: 1.5;


    You’re amazing! It works finally. Thanks so much! Terima kasih

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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