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Image of internet interconnections
There are lots of messengers available today for free download & usage, however not all of them can perform without faults when as a result of dense users communication flow server infrastructure gets overloaded. In addition, enterprise class communication requires security, data should be encrypted during transmission and third party servers should be omitted to minimize the risk of eavesdropping. This point makes it impossible to use widespread and free technologies as third party servers see every piece of message or voice that is being sent from one end to the other.
To bypass eavesdropping problem a private server infrastructure is required to handle data communications. We can provide already developed solution that includes client application for Android and iOS and server infrastructure logi.

Project Name

Skills for project
Interface design, Web design, Social marketing, Server infrastructure creation and management

Technologies used
PHP, Mysql, Apache, Ubuntu, Microsoft SQL Database, Lua, XMPP, SMS, SQlite, Java, Objective C.

Launched on
March 1, 2014