Photo Collage & Editor

November 29, 2014 no comments Alex

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Photo Collage & Editor

Photo Collage & Editor
Photo Collage & Editor

Photo Collage for girls. Select multiple photos and instantly get a nice photo collage. No matter how you want to arrange them, we have all the tools you need to make it. This description is taken from app store and describes this app perfectly. There are tons of photo collage apps on markets today, but Photo Collage & Editor developed by Kenzap Ltd is the best choice young ladies and women. Unlike male part of the world women are the majority that interests in such kind of photo solution. The features included in this app are:  several dozens of different collage layouts, pink theme, customisable frames and borders, color filters and pattern gallery, crop, photo enhancement tools, sharing options and many others.

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Project Name
Photo Collage & Editor

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Skills for project
Interface design, Android, Vector graphics, Photo processing

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Launched on
November 30, 2014