Pirate Treasure Hunt iOS game

October 8, 2014 no comments Alex

If all these candy crushing games became boring for you, but you still like such type mobile games Kenzap Ltd presents new Pirate Treasure Hunt app developed for iOS8 and latest iPhone6 or iPhone6 plus. The gameplay consists of multiple difficulty levels. Each level has a game board filled with differently pirates ammunition and appliances. The basic move of this game is a horizontal or vertical swap of the position of two adjacent candies that results in a set of three items creation in a row. Levels may also contain blocks to make moves more difficult, for example, bombs, walls, pirates boxes, torches and others. Points can be earned or purchased to provide assistance during levels.

Project Name
Pirate Treasure Hunt

App Store link

Skills for project
Interface design, iOS, Vector graphics

Languages used
Apple Swift

Launched on
September 30, 2014