Poo Chicken iOS app

September 15, 2014 no comments Alex
Poo Chicken app splash screen
Poo Chicken app splash screen

One may say, what an arrogant game Kenzap Ltd has developed, but its simple gameplay attracts more users every day. Poo Chicken is about flying through obstacles that are moving from the right side of the screen to the left. The chicken flight is controlled with the help of finger tapping somewhere on the screen. During each tap the chicken tends to fly higher for some short period of time until it starts to decline again. Once tapping the chicken produces arrogant sound that you can hear yourself during gameplay. The scores are added immediately when chicken passes dangerous obstacles one by one. While this game is for free, there is a world-wide leader board available to all iOS users. Users may compete with each other and share results globally. In the nearest future, Kenzap Ltd plans to expand Poo chicken capabilities and to award top scores of this addictive game with generous gifts.







Project Name
Poo Chicken

App Store link

Skills for project
Interface design, iOS, Vector graphics

Languages used
Objective C

Launched on
September 4, 2014