Box Smasher

September 4, 2014 no comments Alex
ios apple application preview of box smashing colliding elements
Smash The Box Game

Smash as many boxes as you can. Yet another mobile app developed by Kenzap Ltd. that directs your attention on mobile phone screen and tests your reaction. Every second or so, there are boxes falling down from top of the screen. The longer you manage to play that faster the speed  of the falling boxes is. Your aim is to touch them in order no to allow break down or collision with the ground. Be careful, this game is not intended for phlegmatic people. In the end of each game results are aggregated and stored to apple leader board so you can share them easily with your friend and other Box Smasher players.









Project Name
Box Smasher

App Store link

Skills for project
Interface design, iOS, Vector & Photoshop graphics

Languages used
Objective C

Launched on
September 2, 2014