Mobile App Development

You have an idea for a mobile app? You need to develop an app for your business? You want to memorize yourself in a mobile application store? Just ask Kenzap for assistance.

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Company & Web Design

Have you recently started your own business? If so, you will definitely need some Virtual Card on global network. Kenzap`s professional team can deliver you high quality design in shortest time frame.

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Online Stores

Do plan to extend your manufacturing business? We can help you find ways to sell awesome products your business produces and start online sales all over the world.

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Internet Marketing

There are lots of customers waiting for your services or products, but they simply can’t find you. Kenzap`s marketing solutions will point your customers exactly to your door.

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Cloud & Hosting

We can provide fast, fault tolerant, reliable and 24/7 available hosting for your needs.

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Hit the button to turn on the lights and real fire takes place. Check it out at:

Color Keyboard App

First customizable Color Keyboard App published in the App Store:

Worm that Eats Apples in App Store

While it was more of joke when talking about top corporation brand logo eaten by a worm. All of a sudden, a sneaky apple eater was born inside Apple App Store to eat apples. Read more...

RC World Game

We glad to present our new upcoming project. This is unique iPhone game, where users will be able to ride RC cars remotely from any place in the world. That means that game will occur in real time, with real cars and real racers connecting from different places round...
Cloud upload

Just Cloud

Mobility, storage freedom, social connection. Be in touch from anywhere in the world without hassle.

Mobile phone and tablet

Be Mobile

Why can’t you do your job from a mobile phone or tablet? Actually you can, just need proper tools to accomplish this.

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The goal to be successful is to automate everything as much as possible. Noone likes repeated jobs, be creative instead.

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Be attractive, use internet marketing cleverly and your customers will come back to see you again.