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Social Network promotion

Social networking allows people to communicate with one another and build relationships. With the help of social networking channels, news feeds or timelines individuals can follow information flow they like most. One can also share any piece of information to show it to those people he has already established relationships with. By doing this, all of the users connections are able to see the message, resulting in reaching more people. As the information about the product or service is getting repeated, more traffic is brought to the message. As a result, consumers can interact with companies directly. Such an approach feels more personal to users than traditional methods of marketing and advertising.
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Advertisment on Website

Unlike social network marketing where building channel of targeted audience requires time, the reach of advertisement via Google AdSene, Facebook adds or other similar services targets audience in a flash. Kenzap can design the appearance and create content of your advertisement campaigns meeting advertising platforms rules and terms of services while keeping your desired budget in mind.

Uniquely Developed Strategies

The most powerful and thus time demanding solution for online promotion is a set of strategies created individually for your business. This set may include:

  • A conjunction of social network and AdSence promotion
  • New and interesting content creation for targeted audience on blogs, websites or social networking channels
  • Deep propagation in the network of affiliate websites
  • Advertisement on partnership websites
  • Mobile app development
  • Non-virtual life promotion
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